Target 2023

2023 is on us and we are all feeling a bit bruised in one way or another from yet another tough year.

We have a plan to reflect on what worked well last year. Learn from anything that fell short and surround ourselves with creative and positive people who appreciate and push your efforts to greater heights. It sounds like a simple plan that should work, right?

In essence the simple answer is yes!. After many years in the industry seeing plenty of both boom and bust, it has always been the way we choose to work with the positive people in the industry that has pulled us all through relativly unscathed. It’s not to say this approach is not without it’s night terrors but the energy of surrounding yourself with people with positive drive has a wondeful side effect of it rubbing off onto you. With so much doom and gloom it is easy to glance away from the good and find yourself down a Google rabbit hole of despare.

The lead into any new year should be a time to really ask yourself how can we improve? These are 5 tips to help you with your decision making.

1. Focus more on being creative and personal

Preparing to enter any new year, repeat that the creative is king. Creativity opens other opportunities your brands recognition, which is why it’s becoming more important for you to be you.

2. Try a different approache when it comes to connecting with your audience

GBe specific, the more you narrow down targeting, the more relevant your ads become to your audience. Clearly define your audience and tailor make your mmarketing to appeal to them. Trying to please everyone will only dilute your message.

3. Have a campaign budget

Going into the new year, don’t expect a campaign budget to bring you the same results as it did last year. Every year brings new and different challenges to marketing. Make yours is relevant to now and to your audience. A sign written van may passivly work just as well to a local community as any pay per click spend will to a broader audience but that visual representation your driving around is also reinforcing your brands identity to those not currently searching for you online. You should also set clear and realistic expectations for what you require.

4. Break through the noise

Think laterally. With everyone online making such a noise it can be difficult to be heard or seen through the spinning reels or urge for likes. Analoge is still a fantastic means of marketing. Print media is everywhere and when was the last time you stole a pen with a company logo and contact details on there? Sometimes the simplest and most direct message is just your name.

5. Go back to No1

To think that you have placed an advert, printed some flyers or posted on social media and your phone will ring off the hook is pointless. You need many points of contact all saying the same message in order to break through. Be consistant but be repetitive. Those TV commercials you see teasing us to buy things we may never of thought of do only play once, they are played over and over and over again. It is this repeat targeting that will make you a household name or the trusted person they call when that problem needs solving.

So take that well earned break, eat your own bodyweight in christmas pudding but keep one side of your brain open to the idea that your brands exposure could do with some help in the coming new year and LS Creative would love to be part of that thought process.