This could be fun!

One thing is for certain: A logo should not be rushed. It is your brands long lasting trust and identity. It builds an instant contact that delivers your message to your future clients. These questions may feel a bit unessasary but it allows us to guage exactly what kind of logo will work best for you, your comapny or brand

Help us to help you by doing the following:

Share information
Provide as many details about your brand and your expectations for us as you can. Understanding more about you and your brand improves our speed and accuracy in representing you.

Be patient
In order to represent you best, we need time to learn about your company, your products and your industry before our designs can be truly effective. Give us time to do our homework. Invest in the time it takes to help us understand your company and your business. If we have any other questions, we will instantly be in touch.

E.g. expensive, affordable, exclusive, inclusive...
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