Do you need to be a member of the magic circle?

2023 Was the year many business owners attempted more rabbit-pulling than a magician in a petting zoo! Marketing any business feels like a dark art of smoke and mirrors with algorithms and promises of page one filling everyones inbox. Every failed attempt to conjure up attention was like, “Abracadabra! Nope, nothing, just another rabbit dissapearing down another hole.

But here’s the trick: with each failed attempt, we learn a new sleight of hand so in the spirit of persistence, you try to dazzle with the crafted email newsletters, only to discover that this rabbit has taken a detour to the spam folder – a magical land where messages go to disappear.

Next try, the elusive “SEO.” Oh, the incantations and keyword spells whispered into the hat! But alas, any attempts to summon this mystical rabbit are met with the sound of crickets rather than the triumphant fanfare I anticipated.

How about you? How many rabbits did you pull last year, and did any of them stick around for an encore?

It’s hard to deliver content online when your skills lie elsewhere. It’s not to say don’t do it but be careful where you spend your time. Figure out a budget that works for you and never be shy or embarrased about its size, after all it’s not the size of the wand but the magic in the stick!.

Work with a designer or agency that understands you and wants nothing more than to deliver great content and a return on your investment. It can feel like magic isn’t real but in the hands of the right person it still leaves them spellbound.

Marketing isn’t about pulling rabbits out of hats; it’s about creating a spectacle that leaves the audience cheering. So, here’s to a new year of refining those stageshow strategies.

Have a great 2024 and contact LS Creative if you would like a peek behind the magic curtain.