The Crazy Gang

Creativity never gets old, it just goes grey

So in my previous post I dived to the depths of Graphic Design anger when asked to justify my costs. Well that mood has been blown into a new solar system after meeting old grey friends and collaborators I have worked with over the years for a close friends exhibition.

Commuting back into Soho the memories started flooding back to me about how much I love this part of London. You can keep the commute but this little part of my life was such a buzz.

Walking through the door to the exhibition I was immediatly amazed seeing the images I had worked on over so many years being displayed in such an impressive way. These creative images were always meant to be seen HUGE in print and not on a 4″ Phone screen and scrolled passed with no focus on the story. Seeing walls crammed with 5ft framed images couldnt fail to slap you in the face evertime.

Then the fun really started. Each time the door opened another familiar face appeared from my past and each time we recalled stories of madness and mayhem, from travelling to the other side of the planet for a 3 day shoot to booking the biggest studio in London so shoot a picture of a credit card. All these stories were great to recall but it was being surrounded by these creative artist who all still do it because they love it that made me realise completely why I chose this career.

To me, having a team is so important to creating true art as you cannot create in a vacume. Collaboration is the key to making it easier and so much fun, everyone having such an equal impact on the finished project no matter how small they may feel they had contributed.

These people are always going to remain part of my life, influence and inspiration. The thought of doing something with them again just for the fun of it made the hairs stand up on my neck, all for the good. Do things because you love it, not because you crave a follow or like.

The Crazy Gang

I suppose all I am trying to say is no matter what your job or project, surround yourself with those you trust and love, watching what they do is such an inspiration. No matter how small your contribution, it is all part of the final completed jigsaw. Will this style of work ever come around again, who knows in such a throwaway society with the race to the bottom but I was part of it and loved every second.

We cant say we will be back as we never went away

Thank you crazy gang