Canvassing opinions

So the age old question raised it’s head again this week, “But i can do that easily on Canva myself!…”

It is true you can do it yourself but the other question is should you? As a graphic designer I embrace new technology and ways to make our lives simpler to understand but there are times when too much information in the wrong hands can spell trouble. With a lack of understanding or direction in the design process, you could be sending the wrong message to the wrong customer. Your business has grown by your own personal skill set and craft that you have worked hard to refine over years of experiences. It is this thought process that people connect with when they contact you for your skills in fixing their problems. So why would you then trust all that hard work to a free website where nothing is original or considered with just you in mind?
I am not saying for one minute that these websites are not useful, far from it! I think to get an idea or a mood for where you want to take your brand identity it is a very useful tool. To give a designer an idea is good, to give a designer a visual guidline is even better but it is a graphic designers skillset and experience that you are paying for, not the act of drawing.

Moving on, let’s have a look at some pro’s of using these websites

  • Free to use
  • Desktop and mobile app
  • Thousands of templates
  • Built in video editor

Sounds great so let’s stop there! Alas no.
Free to use does not mean you have access to quality unique content. In order for this to be free, you will be using the same templates and content as thousands of other businesses, none of whom may share the same level of skill as you or deliver the same message. Competition is tough enough and we all want to stand out so your brand image needs to be as unique as your thumbprint.

A graphic designer will work with you to create visual content to communicate a specific message. As a creative, our job is to communicate. Good design communicates your ideas and bridges an emotional connection between you and your future client. mentioned earlier, we are not just doodlers but connectors to ideas and emotions, creating a range of unique and original assets, for either social content to presentations. If you need to create a range of icons for signage or websites, then we use a host of Adobe software designed specifically for an end goal. For photo manipulation I might use Photoshop, for illustration there is Illustratior, page layout InDesign. As such, they have a number of tools that are all fit for particular purposes at their disposal. and that’s before we even get into video, 3D or websites. A good graphic designer has to stay as current with fashion and trends as they do with new and emerging software in order to deliver the correct message and connect in the most efficient way.

When you contract a graphic designer, you’re not just getting someone who likes the look of an image but can back if up with why.

So what’s it to be – Graphic Designer or or Free Site?

Now you understand the difference, it may be easier to decide which option works for your business. There is no single answer that will work for all as there are lots of other elements in play.

Price – For some business owners, it’s all about budget. Free site such as Canva, even the premium version are likely cheaper than going to a graphic designer especially if you have no clear direction or reson.

Custom – Canva sites can’t offer the same level of customisation that a graphic designer can. A great graphic designer can understand your message and create bespoke assets that attract your desired audience

Time – As a business owner you may not have time to learn the specific softwares need to supply the correct finished assets. The cost of engaging a graphic designer can often offset the amount of time it saves you finding your way around software, freeing you up to generate that income and trust.

Project type – Canva is a good for certain projects, but falls way behind on others. A graphic designer will have the skills to cross multiple design software and select the best one for the job.