AI or Another Idea

So this week I have been in so many conversaitions about AI that I am biginning to wonder if I took the Red Pill or the Blue Pill?

With so many content creators now turning to AI, I am worried we are losing another identity or creativity is dumbing down even further on originality and free thinking. Turning to social media it is awash with gym bunnies telling me how eating carbs is good yet bad, a 19yr old is preaching as a life coach from the bedroom of his parents weekend retreat and all this confusing content/material is bought to my eyes from the ease of AI.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love tech and the use of AI is amazing but we need to remember where it is gathering all it’s information from, yep you guessed it, original content from human beings and we all know how reliable some certain online encyclopedia’s are?.

As a creator of images I am inspired by many streams of material, both online and print and even some of the AI art I have seen has been very good but that’s where it ends for me. AI is a great sketchbook to doodle from and gather ideas, much as a moodboard used to but to think it can replace actual creativity is a mistake.

More times than I care to mention, I have finished a piece of work only to go “F@#K THAT!!…” and hit the delete button because it failed to connect. Does AI have a F@#THAT button yet? I think not!.

People either love what I do or hate it and for me that is fine. What I never want to hear is “it’s ok…”. AI is currently the Magnolia of creativity, it can’t work out how to be controversial or how to inspire. These are all traits of being human and a creative original.

With algorithms abound, surely it is not difficult for search engines or social media to spot AI? I know I look at my SEO score when I write these blogs to see if I hit any kind of mark with the blog algorithms. When I don’t, should I care?. I am only human!.

We are all different and long may that last. Keep playing with AI as it will get better but never look at it like it will deliver an original.