7 Touchpoints

In the wacky world of marketing and graphic design, producing print materials can be as absurd as a clown car at a circus. There are seven touch points that are so quirky, they make the Mad Hatter’s tea party look like a garden-variety gathering.

  • Colorful Confusion: Think of color as your marketing mood ring. It’s like trying to choose the perfect crayon from a box of 128. Do you go for “Mango Tango” or “Electric Lime”? The choice of colors can be mystifying and sometimes overwhelming.
  • Typography Twists: Typography is like deciphering hieroglyphics in an escape room. It’s a cryptic language, and one wrong move, and your message turns into an ancient riddle nobody can solve. Choosing fonts and sizes can be as challenging as finding your way through a labyrinth.
  • Doodle Dilemmas: Illustrations are where doodles turn into Da Vinci masterpieces. It’s like trying to explain the rules of quidditch to a Muggle. Your artistic choices can make your design as clear as mud or as enchanting as a magical spell.
  • Photo Follies: High-quality images can be as elusive as Bigfoot. Just like trying to capture a photo of the Loch Ness Monster, getting that perfect shot can feel like a legendary quest. Yet, when you do, it’s like discovering Atlantis – extraordinary and hard to forget.
  • Layout Lunacy: Layout is a bit like navigating a labyrinth designed by a mad scientist. It’s as bewildering as Alice falling down the rabbit hole. Properly organizing text, images, and space can feel like a whimsical adventure.
  • CTA Capers: Crafting a compelling call-to-action (CTA) is akin to writing a cryptic treasure map. It’s like leaving clues for a secret society to follow. If your CTA isn’t intriguing, it’s as effective as that road to nowhere.
  • Paper Perplexities: Choosing the right paper is like shopping for a pair of slippers. Just as Cinderella needed a perfect fit, your print materials need the right paper to connect with your customers on a tactile level. The wrong choice can leave your design as uncomfortable as those infamous glass slippers.

In the zany world of marketing and graphic design, these seven touch points can sometimes feel as perplexing as trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded. However, with a dash of humor and a pinch of creativity, you can turn these quirky elements into a harmonious symphony that leaves your audience in stitches. So, embrace the chaos, and remember that sometimes, it’s the quirkiest touches that make your print materials stand out in the marketing circus.