Why hammer a square peg?

Why should you hire a professional Graphic Designer
over using an "off the peg" template service
Okay, the time has come to rebrand or renew your company website...
and with the time and effort that comes with such a project there are also much more important questions that seem to be overlooked.

No two businesses are exactly the same, so why should their websites be? When setting up your business you always wanted to set yourself apart from the competition and stand out from the crowd with unique selling points, customer reviews and customer service. With this mindset still in place why would you use a ’one size fits all’ approach used by off the shelf templates and website hosting platforms. Setting yourself apart from the competition is at the core of many businesses, so why choose a site built from a template selling biscuits if you are a builder?
Thats not to say that these services don’t have their place in todays market. If you are a small business that just needs an online awareness that allows customers to contact you, then this may be fine but for a little more effort and with the advice of a good design team even these services could be improved in all areas of design, appearance and SEO.

When it comes to running your business online, you should be telling your website what to do, not the other way around; this is often the case with an off the shelf template systems. The services and functionalities one company needs may be considered completely irrelevant by another.
LS Creative Don't Follow Sheep

With a bespoke website or e-commerce site you get to pick and choose what is essential to your business and your clients online experience.
While it may be slightly more expensive, using a designer to create your website or e-commerce system has a multitude of benefits. These benefits include: full flexibility over the design of your website, you will be able to stand out from your competitors, your website can grow and develop alongside your business, and many more.
Like many businesses we started our LS Creative with a business plan and advice from an accountant, this advice set us on a clear path to create a solid financial plan but would we use this same service to create the visual look and feel of our brand? Likewise, if your specialty lies in a product or service outside of design or the dark arts of SEO, then why would you walk that minefield? With many online systems available to today and all of them teasing you in with free offers or bundle packages, it can be really helpful to know that a good designer is looking more long term stability than a quick fix.

Using a designer can also take the basic ideas you have for your business and make them a more elaborate and effective reality.
Say, for example, you want to send out newsletters or some kind of physical print advertising, your designer who created your site will already understand your design guidelines and have whatever you need to help create that project.
The negatives people focus on are the expense and the time it could take to complete. These hardships will soon be forgotten when you get a website that is perfect for your brand, for your business, and for you. If you ultimately decide to use an off the shelf system, you must be prepared to take time out to learn how to create your design with the limited tools available to you. You will also have to spend a lot of time maintaining your website. If anything goes wrong its up to you to find a solution, which could take up a lot of your time, taking you away from what is more important to you, running a successful business.
By choosing a designer to create a bespoke website / e-commerce system, your designer can offer one to one help if anything goes wrong. You wont get put through to an automated advice questionnaire system with the promise of “a member of the team being in touch soon”. You will reach someone who values your time and business as much as you do, and will solve your problems as quick as they can, freeing you up to can carry on improving your business. The most powerful and profitable online businesses use bespoke e-commerce systems, why don’t you join them?

We all start our businesses like Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams. To quote a famous line from the film “If you build it, they will come.” That quote has a lot of emotional weight, and you just can’t help but remember it. That line tells a story in itself. It is tied to you having faith in what you do and that if it matters to you, it will surely matter to others.